Do you know that magical feeling, when you meet a total stranger but it feels as if you have known each other for years? 

The most beautiful moments in life happen unexpectedly but not unwittingly. Such a moment took place in summer 2017 when I met this young pharmacist Pavla in Croatia. One moment led into a series of beautiful actions and aie was born. As you can read from our story, the birth of aie really is one of those random encounters and beautiful surprises. 

Last summer, right after Covid-19 hit the planet, I received an intriguing LinkedIn invitation to connect. In fact, I normally do not accept invitations from  strangers on LinkedIn, but this time I made an exception. Maybe it was an exceptionally good day or it was just meant to be. Today, I am so happy that I accepted his invitation. It was about six months later when this gentleman contacted me again and asked, if he could introduce me to another remarkable lady from his network. I of course said immediately that it would be a pleasure. When I finally met (virtually) this remarkable lady, I felt like I had known her for years and things really started to click. This remarkable lady is Noella Coursaris, founder and CEO of Malaika DRC*. 

We share the same wish and will to make this planet a better and a more equal place for people to live in, and together we are stronger. This is how aie4malaika was born, again a story of random encounters and beautiful surprises. 


There are few things more important than enabling all girls to receive a proper education. As Mahatma Gandhi once said: "If we want to reach real peace in the world, we should start educating children." Malaika is truly empowering the next generation of leaders by enabling the schooling of these wonderful girls. 
We are so proud to be part of this journey. Join our mission, you can do that by purchasing the aie4malaika limited edition 003 Happiness Mist. This link takes you to the shop.


The story might sound like a fairytale - but then again, isn't that the case for all beautiful stories, whether they are true or a tale?

Should you want to hear more of these two women, please click here to join the Facebook Live and hear them share their stories. Who knows, maybe this story was written in stars.


Malaika is impacting thousands of lives and transforming an entire community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through enhanced access to education, water, and healthcare. We’re teaching girls to question and engage and to evolve into progressive leaders who can positively affect their villages, their country, and even their world. And we’re giving adults a space to reinvent and reimagine their lives, too.


 Saila is the CEO and co-founder of LRV Corp. ltd, the company behind aie - activism in elegance brand. Saila, is a passionate sailor, who is an experienced leader and finance guru, overlooking everything and keeping us linked with all the possibilities technology can bring to us in the future.