MOEZ EVA Tips - Installing the Moez Smart App

MOEZ Smart App

1. Download Moez smart app from App Store or Google Play. 

2. Pairing together with MOEZ Smart App is instant and easy.

3. Turn on bluetooth from your phone.

4. Open the Moez smart app from your phone.

5. Click the device on for pairing.

6. The Moez smart app will automatically find your Eva device and connect it to your phone. 


Benefits of Moez smart app

With the holistic MOEZ experience you can take your skincare to higher levels. Easily control all your massage routines, set reminders or plan your facial massage program, nice and easy. 

- 28 skincare modes to expand new function

- 16 different cleaning levels

- 3 exclusive bubble cleaning functions

- 3 lifting functions

- Brightens dark circles

- Tightens eye bags

- Regain radiance