CEO and Co-Founder 


Humankind has kept of hurting this planet for too long. the carbon footprint is causing a soon unmanageable climate change that will make this beautiful planet uninhabitable.

Our oceans that have been home to fabulous living beings have been used as an infinite dump and if we continue like this, in only 100 years the seas will contain 20 times more of plastic waste than water

All this made us, the aie team, act. We are here to lead the way and show that there are better ways to do great business and invest in wellbeing.

I am just so proud to be part of this remarkable aie team!

Not only because I happen to be one of its’ co-founders but also because at last we are doing things the way they are supposed to be done. By this I mean giving those, used to use luxury skincare products that provide not only a perfect skin but also a luxury feeling while not forgetting the environmental impact our consuming habits cause. In aie, we have built everything in a way that our products cumulative carbon footprint is negative. How do we accomplish this?

First of all it is like a positive wicked circle: we try to make sure that all our packaging materials and ingredients are coming from nearshore. This way the unnecessary long logistics are avoided.

Second, we are proud to tell that our newest product family member the 202 SCRUB&BEYOND contains something that actually has a negative carbon footprint; Biochar. 

Biochar is a very effective way of influencing climate change.

Biochar is permanent, it survives for hundreds of years in the country, but the bigger thing is the impact on better growth, which in turn binds more carbon from the air. Biochar embeds carbon from the atmosphere and keeps it in the soil for hundreds of years enabling an extraordinary fruitful growth of plants.

Let’s have a look at the magnificent history of carbon: “Already in 1773, chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele quantified the absorption forces for porous carbon by measuring the volume of gases absorbed by the material. After the activated carbon process was developed around 1820, it became noted in medical journals as an antidote for poison and a treatment for intestinal disorders. In 1883, French chemist, Gabriel Bertrand, in an effort to prove charcoal’s worth as a poison treatment, swallowed arsenic mixed with charcoal.” (ref: The History of Activated Carbon - Jurassic Carbon ).

So what does biochar have to do with cosmetics?

A lot. It absorbs impurities from the skin leaving is soft and clean. It helps remove dead skin cells and pollution particles providing absorb of good and natural ingredients to the skin. Try it yourself.

Our source of biochar is the Carbons (Carbons Finland Ltd | Biohiiliä viherrakentamiseen ja vesienkäsittelyyn) from Finland!