With combination skin, your skin takes on a daring nature - it may exhibit both oiliness and dryness. Embrace this challenge and cater to the unique needs of each area, whether it's oily or dry. AIE products offer customized products for different areas and types of combination skin.

For all skin types, including Combination Skin, the foundation is cleansing. Energize your skin each morning and evening with aie 018 Cleansing Emulsion and 019 Cleansing Tonic from the aie 000 BASE KIT.

When choosing care products for you skin, select products that are best suited to skin type you have the MOST in your skin. Focus on balancing the sebum secretion, moisturize the skin adequately so that it does not become dry.

For dry areas, as well as for deep cleansing of the greasy areas, we recommend you to use a moisturizing mask. AIE 202 SCRUB&BEYOND KIT is your perfect companion for that, create a customized MASK for your skin with aie 024 Balm and aie 025 Oil Serum.

Your skin is unique, however there are guidelines - learn to know your skin type, and how to treat it. Knowing your skin type and listening to your skin and treating it with the intensity it needs just on that moment, is key to feeling and looking good.  





Jos etsit tuotetta, joka puhdistaa ihosi samalla kun hoitaa sitä, sinun täytyy kokeilla AIE 018 ULTIMATE, CLEAN, FACE EMULSION - Kauneusjohtaja Fian valintamme. Tämä tuote on pelin muuttaja. Se on iholle jätettävä puhdistusmaito, joka sopii kaikille ihotyypeille.