Kokoelma: SKIN TYPES & AIE


Make your skincare routine the best moment of the day, a moment that makes you feel good, a moment that makes you smile.

Listen to your skin and treat it with the intensity it needs on that moment. Let those happy days show, just remember that an untreated sign of life looks different than a treated sign of those happy days. And see that smile in the mirror.

AIE products are customized and perfected for your skin type. Follow our guidance to find your perfect aie for your skin by its type. 



Treat areas of the skin such as oily skin or dry skin according to their respective skin type.  Choose care products according to the skin type you have the most in your skin. Focus on balancing sebum secretion and adequately moisturizing the skin so that the skin does not become dry. 

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Moisture keeps the skin soft, grease prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin. In winter, dry skin requires more care and protection than in summer. 
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Use products that make the skin matte. For oily skin main thing is to maintain moisture balance, concentrate on normalizing the skin's sebum secretion, shrink pores, cleanse and protect the skin.

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With normal skin focus should be on maintaining the skin’s moisture balance with moisturizing products. Protect your skin from air pollution and excessive UV radiation, these age the skin prematurely.
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* The AIE underwater photos by amazing sisters free diver Johanna and photographer Elina IG @elinaandjohanna