Hello you! 
How did you feel this morning?  Was it again one of those mornings when you just rushed the whole morning, did not even have time to think how you are feeling, let alone hear what you skin is trying to tell you?

I would love to guide your thru on how to get a bit of "you-time" to the mornings', as well as give tips on having a good old-fashion chat with your skin.It only takes few minutes - we at aie like to call it 
the aie skin meditation.

Getting back to those mornings - trust me, I know the feeling, and we all have been there - it is so easy to just rush from one morning routine to another without even thinking or listening to what you or your skin is actually needing.

Now you probably think that, isn't it more important that I do my skin routine in the evenings, that is when it really matters, right?

I am not saying that it would not be as important - but did you know that your skin is at its most active during the night? Like you, also your skin needs some energy and nutrition and hydration in the morning. 

We at aie have developed our products and methods so that you can have a customized skincare experience, perfect just for your skin. 
Follow me step by step thru the aie skin meditation. Just learn to listen to your skin and have an even better start for the day.

  • STEP 2

    Good Morning, you are up - great! Still feeling a bit sleepy maybe? Take a look into mirror - then step back and close your eyes for a second. Take a deep breath in and out . This moment is just for you and your skin.

    But what does your skin actually need? Think of what you need after a hard day of work or after exercising, and you probably find the answer. How does a a cooling shower sound?

    Same thing with your skin – it has had a hectic time during the night, what it needs now is some purifying cleansing.

    The aie 000 BASE KIT is your perfect companion for that. Clean all the signs of the hectic nigth off with that refreshing 

    aie 018 Cleansing Emulsion. Finish off the cleansing and start quenching that thirst, the aie 019 Cleansing Tonic is here.

  • STEP 3:

    Still feeling a bit thirsty after that good night sleep? Guess what, so does your skin. In the morning it is all about hydration – hydration – hydration. That is why the aie 003 Rose Mist was developed – you find it on the aie 101 PRELUDE KIT. Quench the thirst by spraying aie 003 Rose Mist on your face and tap it gently on your skin to make the most out of it.

    STEP 4:

    Stop for a moment again - (just a second is enough) - and ask, is your skin still feeling thirsty. Brilliant, you are really listening to your skin now. If you got the feeling that your skin yearns for some more hydration - just repeat the aie 001 Rose Mist spritz treatment as many times you wish. Main thing is that you and your skin feel happy.

  • STEP 5:

    Your skin now feels hydrated and is ready to take in some energy and nutritives – the aie 004 Rehab Serum is here for you.

  • STEP 6

    Next make your skin ready to face all the challenges coming your way during the day. Protect and tie all the energy and good things into it with the aie 001 Rose Cream. It is that same feeling you have, when you are about to leave the house - you probably put on something nice, and if the weather requires maybe wear something protectiv

Hope you enjoyed this journey with me, and it did not take that much time either, did it. And hey, it does not have to be only in the morning when you stop and take a bit of “me” time and listen to your skin.

Have a lovely day and stay tuned for more tips. Let's talk about different skin types next. 


With Love,