If you stand for looking, feeling, doing and sharing good, you could be the next aie brand rebel.

aie rebels of beauty

We are looking for people around the world to join our cause. We are looking for brand ambassadors who wish to take part in our mission and drive for cleaner waves. 

The aie – activism in elegance crew is uncompromising. ​ We stand for ultimate beauty and the health of our oceans. Now, we want you to join us and change the way people think of beauty and consumption. ​

We act locally but bring out natural beauty globally. We believe that change is built of small acts. We don’t believe in stopping consumption – we believe in consuming the right way.​ We challenge you to take the first step and allow yourself luxury without guilt.

We have created premium skincare that are good for your skin and for our planet – and we want you to take part.​

You will get access to our products. We will educate you on how to use them and give your skin the routine it deserves. You will be the first to receive invitations to our events. There are no strings attached – we know you will love our products, and when you love something, you will want to tell about it to others.​

We are looking for five brand ambassadors to join our crew.

Send an informal application to Tell us about yourself and why you want to be part of the revolution for your skin and your planet. We are excited to hear from you.​



This is not a rebellion to subvert and to destroy, this is a rebellion for beauty and for positive energy.