It is time to act. 

Humankind has kept hurting this planet for too long; the carbon footprint is causing a soon unmanageable climate change that will make this beautiful planet uninhabitable. Our oceans that have been home to fabulous living beings have been used as an infinite dump and if we continue like this, in only 100 years the seas will contain 20 times more of plastic waste than fish.

All this made us, the aie team, act. We are here to lead the way and show that there are better ways to do business and invest in wellbeing.


November 2020 the World Economic Forum published an important paper on sustainable value creation for businesses. Our commitment to this framework is now laid out in the concept of the Code of Respect. In this document, we have brought together our strong value base in a number of business practices and processes.

The four cornerstones of our Code of Respect are:

Respect for the customer; the core element of our operations.
Respect for the environment; by minimizing our carbon footprint and waste flows as well as engaging in voluntary work to create a positive impact on the environment.
Respect for social responsibility; by engaging in social development through our products' life cycles.
Respect for fair and transparent business policy; by a commitment to create and maintain a fair and safe working ecosystem, enriched in dialogue with our employees.

We aim to build a strong green circular economy and raise awareness in the cosmetic industry. We believe that change is possible by creating sustainable values for action.

Join the force of aie for better and more sustainable, cleaner and fairer future!

This is the aie & LRV Corp. ltd Code of Respect.