LRV Corp. ltd

LRV Corp. ltd  is an internationally based company of brands and services. Whether it is our management consulting practices or luxury skincare brand, our products don’t settle for less when it comes to sustainability and transparency.



LRV Corp Limited was born from a group of industry-leading professionals with one mission: Knowing that the oceans will be full of plastic by 2050 made us realise, that the time of compromises is over and the time of solutions has to start.

We are here to shape a better future. Without change, by 2050 the oceans will have more plastic than fish in them. To keep our oceans blue, something must change – and we will take part in that change. By making every step we take transparent we want to show that anyone can join us in building a better future. 


Our aim is to free the seas from plastic pollution by 2035 by changing the way we consume. Doing the right thing does not mean giving up day-to-day luxury – you can accept deluxe without compromising on your responsibility to the oceans. We will show you how.

Plastic pollution is a problem we all share. We owe every second breath we take to the ocean and without protecting the life underneath, we will risk ecosystems that keep us alive. To guide the world past plastic, we have taken our industry-leading experience, designs and products and turned them into instruments for the well-being of both you and the environment.


We are here to resolve, not compromise.

AIE - ACTIVISM IN ELEGANCE is our first luxury brand. We own the brand, the R&D, the manufacturing. Become a reseller - contact us at 


Our excellence is built on unshakable knowledge on business, science and technology, which have all been transferred into the products and services we create. LRV Corp offers help with project-based services, leadership rental and white labeling

Are you looking for a innovative ways to drive your company to the next level or are you wondering what your customers think and how you could serve them better? Our services include guidance to business strategy development, interim mgmt services and trend and customer understanding, which will lead you to international growth and future business benefits. 


Financial arrangements
Business development models
Short-term and long-term strategies
Financial rounds


Growth through customer understanding
Customer trend and market analysis
Product and service validation
Segmentation models


LRV Corp started when four passionate women found each other.
Now the team has grown and everything is possible.