MOEZ EVA - About

High end design experience

MOEZ are a driven group of technology designers with a passion for developing high-end beauty technology design experiences. We achieved this by bringing together the finest Finnish designers with the very best Japanese skin care experts to create MOEZ Eva.
MOEZ team is a group of experienced designers with a background of creating award winning technology devices for over 20 years. We at MOEZ strive to provide solutions that bring value to users' everyday life by creating intuitive, ergonomic and unique design solutions. 

Inspired by nature

The design of Moez Eva is inspired by the Nordic Nature. The beauty of nature has always inspired designers. The inspiration for us came from one day walking in -30C weather in Lapland, and encountering the Halo effect. The sun reflected from the perfected ice crystals creating this magical Halo in the air. 

Like this magical Halo, the perfect skincare routine requires the perfected design, surfaces and ingredients to make your skin feel flawless. Nordic halo inspired MOEZ to capture the halo effect to a unique skin cleansing experience.

Beautician level skin care at home

Today due to the epidemic situation globally, consumers need to find comfort, peace and hope while carrying with our everyday lives and duties. We at MOEZ are committed to providing inspiration, tools and ideas for the time spent inside, for people to create comforting, soothing and relieving new beauty routines to appreciate the joy in everyday moments.

Moez is a 'home body' brand bringing spa-like treatments to your home.