Do you normally wash you face with cleanser in the evening and just rinse with water in the morning? Most of us answer yes to that question. You probably wonder; Why should I use cleanser in the morning, when I just hit the pillow with clean face when going to bed?


Believe it or not your skin is the most active during the night, accumulating debris, such as sebum, in your sleep. It depends on your skin type how your skin reacts, for example oily skin might feel to be greasy, when again dry skin feel dehydrated. One thing is common for all skin types; you should remove the signs of the night with proper cleansing.

That is not the only reason though “Cleansing with milk or emulsion in the morning boosts also skin hydration levels and starts the caring process” says our Beauty&Trend Director Fia.


In the morning it is good to use a cleanser that is light, hydrating and balancing. Your cleanser should be such that it cleans your pores and removes residues from your skin to ensure no pore clogging and accumulation of dead cells.

The aie 018 EMULSION, FACE, CLEAN, ULTIMATE was designed to not only cleanse but also to care for your skin. It is filled with soothing oils and contains no soap to avoid dryness. “This cleanser is my absolute favorite cleanser.” says Fia and continues “A good cleanser in the morning works as an a great preparation step to get a glowing and happy skin.” 

aie 018 cleansing milk

I did not believe aie representative first, when she told me that I should use a cleanser also in the morning. Decided to give it a try, and I could see the results already after two weeks. I have always suffered from dry skin, and nothing has helped. After starting washing my face with cleanser in the morning, my skin is soft and the dryness is gone. And for the first time ever, I was told that “you don’t need to use any foundation as your skin is so silky” by a shop assistant when buying make up.” This message from our customer really made us smile.


Cleansing along with hydration is the most important step in any skincare routine. It sets the base for the entire skincare routine. aie 000 Base Kit is perfected for your cleansing routine. Learn more about this dynamic duo.