We have chosen to build our brand, products and methods on

  • Science
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Innovative thinking
  • Respect for environment, people, partners, customers.

Meet the aie Rebels of Beauty Core Team.


The founders: Pavla, Saila, Veera and Pia. Pavla, a chemist and pharmacist, has developed our products to perfection for over a decade. Saila and Pia have years of experience from leadership, marketing, product development and business modelling. Veera is our mathematical genius and art director.

The Beauty & Business Rebels: Emma, Fia, Sanna and Eija as our partners keep track of various parts of the business. Emma is leading our business in the Nordics. Fia, our Beauty and Trend Director has over 30 years experience from the beauty industry, she is innovator behind our holistic beauty solutions and methods. Together with the R&D and Manufacturing team they make sure our products meet the requirements our customers. Eija, as our Chief Financial Officer makes sure we keep our promises, and donate to organizations and charities that preserve and protect the seas. Sanna is leading our European sales, and is always on search for new cool cooperation opportunities.

The R&D/Manufacturing Rebels: Iiro, Katariina and Lauri. Our R&D and Manufacturing is all about science and innovation, our products are designed and developed by a team of young experts from pharmacology, cosmetic science and chemistry.

The Marketing/ IT / International affairs / Graphic Design Rebels: Peter, Dan, Jarmo, David and Gianna. We have a global presence, and what a team we have supporting us. Gianna, our own photographer in NYC is always ready with the her camera to capture those aie moments.

With such an international team, you can find us in Brazil, China, Croatia, Finland, Sweden, UK and US.

We have our Headquarters and Manufacturing facilities in Espoo, Finland. Our R&D labs and team located in Croatia and UK.  Anything is possible when you have such team!