We are aie avant-garde rebels of beauty.

We are passionate about redefining beauty, That is as much about changing the way the world works as it is about elegance. 
This is not a rebellion to subvert and to destroy, this is a rebellion for beauty and for positive energy. We aim to rejuvenate and to regenerate, to hydrate and to nourish, and – yes – to help save the seas and the planet while doing this.

The story of aie is one of random encounters and beautiful surprises. 

It is such an unlikely story that it was almost bound to happen.

Meet Saila from Finland. She likes sailing and always stays in the same small family-run B&B when she visits Croatia. During one of these visits, a dinner turns into a conversation about skincare. (Don't ask, it was pretty late and Croatian wines are good.)
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While we take our products seriously. 

We don't take ourselves seriously. We make fun. We are team of happy people. We are passionate about beauty and the environment. We believe that when nature treats you right, you have an obligation to reply in kind. We love champagne, sailing and nature. 



One of the undiscovered gems of Croatia is a chemist. 

“I am a pharmacist technician, and passionate about chemistry. The products of aie have been developed for over a decade, starting as a hobby of mine. This is my story about how my hobby turned into an internationally known luxury skincare line."



Welcome to aie - activism in elegance!