Pavla's story - how a hobby turned into an internationally known luxury skincare line

Meet Pavla Rakic`- our Head of R&D - the undiscovered gem of Croatia

“I am a pharmacist technician, and passionate about chemistry. The products of aie have been developed for over a decade, starting as a hobby of mine. This is my story about how my hobby turned into an internationally known luxury skincare line.

I receive strange looks when I say this but I find chemistry the most fascinating thing. It defines me as a person and it is the reason aie is what it is today. It all started from me studying aromatherapy and progressed to experimenting with combining things found from nature. My studies and background in science first made me question the power of natural cosmetics – therefore, I asked my family and friends to try my creams and serums, first, all while I kept secretly using synthetic products myself.


It was only after a couple of years when I realized that their skin looked better than mine, and I finally made the switch to my own creations. Now, I cannot imagine putting anything else on my skin – there is a difference between synthetic and natural skincare: synthetic products give a quick fix without long-term repairing effect, whereas the results with natural ingredients are not visible straight away. Instead they have a long-term, truly healing effect.

For me, the scent of the product is key - the aroma therapeutic effect gives you the luxurious feeling. To be sure that the products we bring to the market don’t compromise in luxury, we at aie have all products tested by family, friends and now with all our fans. We decided to call it the WOW testing.

I am also a passionate diver – we believe that when nature treats you right, you have an obligation to reply in kind. I am proud to be able to help heal the planet by diving. During my free time I head out diving with a group of friends, and while underwater we clean the sea from the waste thrown into the beautiful Croatian seas. This is one of the key values for aie, and part of our profit goes to organizations that help clean the planet from plastic waste. With that being said, aie is my dream come true and I cannot wait to develop more products for all to enjoy.”